Historic Sivrihisar Houses

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Sivrihisar, a town of Eskişehir in Midwestern Anatolia, is one of our cities which was able to largely keep its old town characteristics. It seems that the town, which saw Turkish settlement during the Seljucks, was furnished with architectural structures such as mosques, madrasas, hans and hamams (Turkish bath), and that it developed into a city with Turkish characteristics.

Alongside many historical monuments, Sivrihisar also contains a large cultural heritage with its houses. Unfortunately, the town is not very well- known for its traditional houses.

Sivrihisar houses, besides their unique features in terms of appereance and space organization, have the characteristic plan elements of Middle-Anatolian Turkish houses. Also Sivrihisar houses especially show close resemblances to old traditional houses of Ankara region. The main feature which makes these houses special is that they were able to keep their originality despite many alterations. However, due to lack of serious protection measures, these buildings are being demolished and are decreasing in number or losing their originality with alterations. As a result, the old structure of the settlement is subject to change and is loosing its historical properties day by day. In order to keep this original structure alive the monuments that form it should be protected as a whole.

For that purpose, between the years 2001-2003, we carried out a study on Sivrihisar houses with the monetary support of Ege University and it is presently ready for publication as a book.

In the prepared book, the factors (such as history, geography, population, urbanization and culture), that had effects on the formation of Sivrihisar houses, are stressed. Then information on the historical monuments in and around the city is given.

The houses are described thoroughly in the cataloque section where eleven examples were chosen from traditional houses of Sivrihisar.

In the fourth section where architectural properties of Sivrihisar houses are discussed, the houses are examined in terms of their plans, facades, materials, technical and ornamentation aspects. The work is supported with 56 figures and 166 pictures.


Author: Yüksel SAYAN
Historic Sivrihisar Houses


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