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Nasreddin Hodja

– NASREDDIN HODJA – The man who made the world laugh and think. Nasreddin Hodja is one of the most important characters of our history. Although it...


Sivrihisar Clock Tower

– THE CLOCK TOWER – Sivrihisar is famous for its clock tower. The Clock Tower is very old. The Clock Tower was built by Mr. Mahmut in 1900. It...


Sivrihisar Martyrdom

– Sivrihisar’s Martyrdom Monument – When Greek soldiers occupied Sivrihisar, 40-50 Turkish Raiders struggled with Greeks. Although Greek...


Pessinus Antique City

– Sivrihisar, Ballıhisar – Pessinus Antique Ruins – Antique pessinus city is in the border of Ballihisar village which is in the South of...


History of Sivrihisar

History of the town goes back to Hittite- the first Turkish civilizaiton in Anatolia. The town was named as “Sallpa” during Hittite period. It became the...