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Sivrihisar Uça Park

– UÇAPARK – It was built by a charily which was founded under the presidential of decedent Hacı Bayram Mustafa. It was called Uçapark because of...


Sivrihisar Castle

Sivrihisar Yazıcıoğlu castle was firstly built by Frigs. It was developed during Roman period, and it protected its importance in Seljuks. It was also repaired...


Zaimağa Mansion

– ZAİMAĞA RESIDENCY – Cabinet of Ankara government comes to Sivrihisar to make their first meeting outside of Ankara on 24 March 1922. Mustafa...


Sivrihisar Grand Mosque

– ULU MOSQUE – Sivrihisar Ulu Mosque is in the town centre. It is a work of Seljuks. It was built by Emineddin Mikail. one of disciples of Mevlana...


Sivrihisar Alemşah Dome

ALEMŞAH GUNBAT Alemşah Dome was built in 728. It is opposite the Ulu mosque The dome was built by Melikşah for his brother Sultan Şah. It was made of marble...


Sivrihisar Clock Tower

– THE CLOCK TOWER – Sivrihisar is famous for its clock tower. The Clock Tower is very old. The Clock Tower was built by Mr. Mahmut in 1900. It...


Pessinus Antique City

– Sivrihisar, Ballıhisar – Pessinus Antique Ruins – Antique pessinus city is in the border of Ballihisar village which is in the South of...


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