Zaimağa Mansion


zaimaga konak - Zaimağa Mansion

Cabinet of Ankara government comes to Sivrihisar to make their first meeting outside of Ankara on 24 March 1922. Mustafa Kemal invited the Council of Ministers to Sivrihisar to discuss and make a decision on the ceasefire proposal of the Entente States. Mustafa Kemal, arrives Sivrihisar Zaimağa mansion. The special matter of the cabinet which met by presidency of I Mustafa Kemal was about the meeting in Paris and the ceasefire between Turkey and Greece. This meeting went down in history as the first meeting of the Council of Ministers held outside Ankara.

You should definitely see the mansion which hosted Atatürk for some time during the War of Independence and the first meeting of the Council of Ministers outside Ankara.

Derleyen/Editor: Murat Sevimbay
Sivrihisar Appearance Of The World Centre
Bora KAVAS – 20.09.2009

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